Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Our main goals and commitments consist of constant contribution to society, a balanced approach to the environment and sustainability, and maximum well-being of our members. We are committed to and develop these objectives, for example, through pro bono legal support provided to social projects in a non-profitable way. Moreover, our special concern for the environment and sustainable balance can be noticed in our offices, since the structure and composition of our facilities are maintained in a building certified with the green seal, which ensures and increases the quality of life of our staff, our clients, and the community around us.

In addition to social projects and concern for the environment, Miguel Neto Advogados law firm is also attentive to the quality of life and happiness of its staff and, for that, provides and sponsors many actions, programs and internal events that are specially designed to increase positive experiences in a motivating and humanized organizational environment.

Green Building

Miguel Neto Advogados law firm is located is a Green Building, a structure designed and built on sustainable practices and achievements. These actions are applied to ensure high environmental performance to the building.

Engagement and Motivation

Internal marketing seeks to adapt strategies and elements of marketing combined with concepts of human resources in the internal corporate environment. This strategic attitude aims to help our employees feel happier in their work environment.