Contractual advice is a service often provided by our firm. Every day, we assist our clients in structuring, evaluating, and drafting contracts and agreements of various kinds. Our performance takes place on two main fronts. The first concerns a more uncomplicated demand: Clients needing advice on low and medium-complexity contracts related to the company’s day-to-day activities. The second one involves a more qualified consultancy in structuring commercial arrangements of greater complexity, such as the formation of sophisticated business partnerships, consortia, investment agreements, quotaholders’ or shareholders’ agreements, put/call option agreements, EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) contracts, international contracts and agreements, etc.

We know that contractual legal advice should not end in drafting the document. Thus, our lawyers follow the business’s progress and assist in various situations arising from the contractual relationship, such as preparing notices of delays, defaults, or breaches, all to ensure the best support for our client’s interests.

With direct action from our specialists in the Business, Civil, and Commercial areas, our legal counsel assists in negotiations and risk assessments, among other services provided, aiming at commercial, environmental, labor-related, and financial solutions. In addition, our team fully supports contracts and agreements with suppliers, customers, partners, and service providers.