Foreign investment

We advise Brazilian and foreign clients in all banking transactions in financial institutions inside and outside Brazil. Our support covers regulatory aspects of the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN) and the Brazilian Monetary Council (CMN) involving procedures in the foreign exchange and capital markets (foreign and Brazilian abroad), as well as preparing and conducting administrative defenses before such agencies.
We provide advice on the foreign exchange market (including documentation, legal nature, records, etc.) and negotiation with brokers or foreign exchange counters. We assist in registering transactions in the Computerized.

Information System of the Central Bank of Brazil (SISBACEN) of direct foreign investments in Brazil (RDE-IED) and/or registering financial transactions (RDE-ROF). We offer advice and preparation for the Annual Declaration of Brazilian Capital Abroad (DCBE) and the Annual Census of Foreign Capital in Brazil (CENSO), which the Central Bank of Brazil promotes. In addition, we work on preparing administrative defenses before the Central Bank of Brazil and the Board of Appeals of the Brazilian Financial System.